The Chiemgau meteorite impact at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) 2017: new contributions (abstract articles)

At the this year’s prestigious meeting of  the Lunar and Planetary Institute in The Woodlands, Texas, the following abstract articles that relate to the Chiemgau meteorite impact have been published:

Molnár M. Ventura K. Švanda P. Štaffen Z. Rappenglück M. A., Ernstson, K.:

Chrudim – Pardubice: Evidence for a Young Meteorite Impact Strewn Field in the Czech Republic –  Widespread finds of rocks and glasses with shock metamorphism and typical of meteorite impact suggest a Holocene impact event in the Czech Republic.

The article reports on a newfound very young meteorite impact event in the Czech Republic amazingly similar to the Chiemgau and Saarland (Nalbach) impact events in Germany. A possibly simultaneous impact having affected Central Europe over a distance of more than 650 km is discussed. Click the abstract article!

Procházka V. Trojek T.
XRF- and EMP- Investigation of Glass Coatings and Melted Domains of Pebbles from Craters in Chiemgau, Germany
Shock-induced melting mainly of biotite (?) produced typically porous veinlets. External glass coatings are rich in K and Cu (from plant biomass?), rarely in Ni.

The Czech authors report on investigations of shocked cobbles excavated from the Kaltenbach and #004 impact craters belonging to the Chiemgau meteorite impact strewn field. Click the abstract article!