On October 16, 2004, the journal Astronomy published an online article entitled “Did the Celts see a comet impact in 200 B.C.?“, and at the same time an extensive report on the Chiemgau impact was presented here. Since then, more than five years have passed, and the research on this fascinating subject has not paused as is shown by numerous contributions to international conferences, in scientific journals and in the Internet, and we accommodate this development by a fresh restyling of the website. A few menu items have been rearranged, and the individual subjects are now posted here in the menu of the “Introduction”. We are just doing a revision of these contributions that still reflect the original base of our knowledge and research, and we aim at bringing them up to date. For the time being, short hints to new material are in each case put to the headings of the contributions. In the top menu bar more topics may be clicked, among them the page where the members of the Chiemgau Impact Research Team (CIRT) also responsible for this website are introduced. The front page provides various, mostly topical subject areas as well as the “Monthly Images” being regularly replaced.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are aware of any malfunction that may have occurred in the course of the restyling!