Chiemgau impact: LPSC 2019 poster already online

Trigonal and cubic Fe2Si polymorphs (hapkeite) in the eight kilograms find of natural iron silicide from Grabenstätt (Chiemgau, Southeast Germany

Frank Bauer, Michael Hiltl, Michael A. Rappenglück, Kord Ernstson

LPSC 2019 eight kilogram iron silicide hapkeite Chiemgau Impact


Metallic Artifact Remnants in a Shock-Metamorphosed Impact Breccia: an Extended View of the Archeological Excavation at Stöttham (Chiemgau, SE-Germany)

Barbara Rappenglück, Michael Hiltl, Kord Ernstson

Stöttham archeological site Chiemgau impact Stöttham archeological site Chiemgau impact EBSD Stöttham archeological site Chiemgau impact shocked suevite


Anatomy of Young Meteorite Craters in a Soft Target (Chiemgau Impact Strewn Field, SE Germany) from Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Measurements

Jens Poßekel, Kord Ernstson

GPR measurements craters Chiemgau impact Eglsee impact crater Chiemgau impact Digital Terrain Model