Chiemgau impact – pink quartz

Pink quartz – a new, meteorite impact-related origin? Part 1: Observations and first hypothesis of formation PDF DOWNLOAD

Kord Ernstson* (2018)


Pink quartz, not to be confused with rose quartz, is an extremely rare color variety, which is completely transparent and is only known from a few occurrences worldwide. It is believed that the pink color is due to small amounts of aluminum and phosphorus that substitute silicon, and exposure of the quartz to natural gamma radiation. Sands with a dominating proportion of pink quartz excavated from the soil and extracted from a breccia layer in the crater strewn field of the Chiemgau meteorite impact suggest that normally colorless quartz sand was irradiated during the impact event and may possibly be found at other impact sites.

Key words: Pink and rose quartz, Chiemgau meteorite impact, neutron-gamma radiation

*Faculty of Philosophy I, University of Würzburg, Germany,


pink quartz grains new model on formation Chiemgau impact